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September Update!

Posted by Ris on 14th September 2018 09:44

Hi again everyone!

Things have been a bit quiet here lately - we've still got a little bit more waiting to do before we can get into the thick of things. As nothing is confirmed on this front, I can't relay too much information.

Tha ...

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August Update!

Posted by Ris on 10th August 2018 08:42

Hi everyone!

This is a detailed update of where we're at. I'd like to make sure we're being as transparent as possible with information as we move forward.

At the moment, we're still largely waiting for the server issues to be re ...

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July Update!

Posted by Ris on 27th July 2018 07:04

Hi again everyone!

Just letting you know where we're at -

A prototype of the image generation tool has been completed, it's just not available yet! We ran into some issues with the foundation of the website itself, and figured it'd be a good opport ...

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June Update

Posted by Ris on 13th June 2018 01:05

Hey everyone!

After taking a look at the image server, we're considering taking a new approach to ClanHeart.

As we're in the design stages right now I can't reveal too much information, but the general goal is to ensure there's a sufficient amount ...

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Image Server Rework

Posted by Ris on 15th May 2018 06:30

Hi again everyone!

Just a quick update today - we're looking at reworking the image server entirely. This should take 4 - 6 weeks, but should ultimately provide a more stable long-term solution. We may be able to establish a demo version of this new ...

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Current Progress

Posted by Ris on 9th May 2018 12:05

Hi everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, some previously broken features are now functional. We're working on time-based events - most of which are now active, but we need to do some research/information gathering on certain aspects before we can ...

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It's go time!

Posted by Ris on 4th May 2018 08:52

Hey everyone!

The image server is up and functional. We're still working through some issues with it, and it's still a temporary solution, however, this means we're able to begin testing.

I've created a couple discussion threads regarding some on- ...

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Apologies for delays!

Posted by Ris on 5th April 2018 08:34

We're still alive!

The image server has been updated, however, the set-up process is a bit more complicated. The original coder has been contacted for assistance with the process, though relaying messages with them at this stage can take time.

This ...

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Another Update

Posted by Ris on 26th February 2018 05:35

Hi all.

Just posting quickly to let you know where we're at. We had some issues with the old image server, and while looking at alternatives an opportunity came up which we intend to utilize.

We plan to move ClanHeart's image server to an existing ...

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Image Server Delays

Posted by Ris on 2nd February 2018 08:22

Hi again everyone!

Just quickly stopping by to let you know that we're experiencing some delays with the image server. We're looking at an alternative method of getting it online, but we don't have an expected time as of yet.

We have managed to gai ...

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Site Status

Image Server: Checking ...


3rd January 2018 01:11

Happy New Year Clanheart! We are aware of some ongoing issues with the image server. We are working on resolving these issues and appreciate everyone's patience.


29th December 2017 05:05

A bug allowing players to fall into negative sD when playing slots has been fixed.

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