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What's Up Wednesday #5 - October 2019

Posted by StarSea on 2nd October 2019 10:34

Welcome to October’s What’s Up Wednesday! Over the past month, we have been giving a primary focus to the Admin panel and the server itself some more. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, it has been determined that we likely are unable to ...

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What's Up Wednesday #4 - September 2019

Posted by StarSea on 4th September 2019 07:18

September’s edition of What’s Up Wednesday is here! We primarily focused on the back-end and server side of things during August, but we also shelled out quite a few of our colors planned for Alpha through our Patreon.

We still have plenty more c ...

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What's Up Wednesday #3 - August 2019

Posted by StarSea on 7th August 2019 10:35

Welcome to August’s What’s Up Wednesday! Last month we opened up Artist applications, held a poll for how color outcomes will work with breeding, and focused work on user accounts and staffing some more.

Through the applications, we have added th ...

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New Poll: Color Mechanic - Update Jul 25

Posted by StarSea on 18th July 2019 05:40

A brand new poll has been posted over on our Patreon! To vote in the poll, you will need to make sure you have a Patreon account. You do not need to be a Patron of us to be able to vote, simply having a Patreon account should be enough to allow you to vot ...

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What's Up Wednesday #2 - July 2019

Posted by StarSea on 3rd July 2019 07:55

Welcome to our second edition of What’s Up Wednesday! Our first month since announcing the state of ClanHeart has come and gone, so let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished and where we’re off to next.

As planned for last month, we made a ...

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Patreon Updates and a Poll!

Posted by StarSea on 25th June 2019 08:43

Our Patreon has received some various updates over the past few weeks as we continue get settled in, including a brand new poll. We'd love to encourage you to check them out!

We have published our first official art-specific post, featuring a special t ...

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What's Up Wednesday #1 - June 2019

Posted by StarSea on 5th June 2019 10:35

Welcome to the first edition of What’s Up Wednesday! What’s Up Wednesday is intended to be a monthly newsletter giving a rough outline of everything surrounding ClanHeart. You can expect to see updates about the progress we’ve made over the past mon ...

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Current Status and Looking Forward

Posted by StarSea on 1st June 2019 08:56

Hello everyone, I know it has been quite some time since you last received an update. There has been a lot of discussion and consideration going on behind the scenes, and now I would like to bring details of the situation forward to you all.

Let me int ...

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Oct Update

Posted by Ris on 16th October 2018 11:44

Hi again everyone!

There's not much to report this month - art is being created steadily, but our two coders have been busy with other work.

There is good news, however: we've managed to secure some financial support for the site and are on the look ...

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September Update!

Posted by Ris on 14th September 2018 09:44

Hi again everyone!

Things have been a bit quiet here lately - we've still got a little bit more waiting to do before we can get into the thick of things. As nothing is confirmed on this front, I can't relay too much information.

Tha ...

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3rd January 2018 01:11

Happy New Year Clanheart! We are aware of some ongoing issues with the image server. We are working on resolving these issues and appreciate everyone's patience.


29th December 2017 05:05

A bug allowing players to fall into negative sD when playing slots has been fixed.

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